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I moved to Shanghai in 2008 for a year… and then 4 more years. China is a second home to me and always will be. I live in Dublin, Ireland now and work in International Relations – a career I never imagined when I started my Masters in Teaching Chinese in Shanghai University, but such is life. Only because someone overhead me chatting to Chinese team mates on the side of a football pitch in Shanghai did I end up beginning a career in this field. Currently, as an International Coordinator, I am very fortunate to work on projects that bring me to all corners of the world. And I spend the rest of my time (and money) seeking out overseas adventure.

“The best stories in life are those found between the pages of a passport.” Amen.

This blog is my attempt to document these adventures and make the journeys a little easier for those who follow in my footsteps – to China, to Taiwan, to Cuba, to everywhere! Enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me @stephfitzsmith

China Doll x

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