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Another recent development in the field of interactive learning of Chinese characters is the development of Chinese.FluentU, which broadcast videos for students to watch and study simultaneously. In one of his essays 《针对西方学习者的汉字教学:认写分流,多认少写》, Jiangxin suggests the benefit for students of first learning to recognise characters, and then learning to write as a progression. Learning to recognise characters is a valuable skill. FluentU Chinese selects the current most popular Chinese video clips across the internet, and recommends them, according to individual’s preference. They incorporate various kinds of clips, from adverts to interviews, movie trailors, comedy clips, etc. Furthermore, the videos are divided into eight areas of interest, including society and politics, arts and entertainment, sports and activities, etc. Upon registering (free of charge, at present), a guest is asked to choose types and genres of interest. The innovation of the project lies in the video player: all the videos are accompanied by Chinese subtitles, and if a viewer hears or sees a word they do not understand, they can click on the word to see the meaning and a list of examples, using the word. The viewer can then choose to save the word for revision later.

It’s like going on youtube instead of studying… except it is studying 😉 Enjoy!

Check out: http://www.fluentu.com/chinese/

Here’s a list of some of my favourites:

Dare To Be Different: TEDx by Taiwanese Actress Feng -Yi Sheu

The HTC One: an inspiring HTC advert

“Creep” Radiohead (Chinese Version): beautiful cover

TedX Designer or Dreamer: Alice Wang, Taiwanese Designer

Love Radio: mini series

Crazy for Bitcoins

Opportunities in Mobile Internet


And here are some for newbies and elementary level students:

Essentials for Newbies (course of 35 clips)

Greetings, Salutations and Thanks

The Four Tones

Countries and Nationalities


Clothes Shopping (collection)

Asking About Prices

Dining Out


The site also has a collection of clips made from popular textbooks:

Integrated Chinese

New Practical Chinese Reader


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