Yuyuan: Shanghai’s Old Secret

Old town, for me, never gets old. It’s a great place to wander and an even better place to bring visitors. It’s Shanghai’s remnant of traditional China, and the shopping is great there too- from pearls to Christmas and Halloween decorations, head there in the late afternoon and be sure to catch the city in the daylight, before the sun descends, leaving the quarter bathed in a golden hue, with all the curly rooves piped in warm yellow lighting. It’s magical. 🙂

For a real adventure, head there at Chinese new year, a little manic but SO full of ambiance and buzz 😀

Head to Yuyuan Metro Stop, or get a taxi to 137 Anren Jie, near Fuyou Lu 豫园, 安仁街137号, 近福佑路

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